Pelago Bioscience enable successful Drug Discovery by providing physiologically relevant high quality Target Engagement data using the patented CETSA® method. We combine extensive commercial Drug Discovery experience with world leading fundamental basic scientific research.

Our focus is to deliver high quality target engagement data to our customers and partners, enabling faster development of better and more efficacious new drugs. By outsourcing your Target Engagement assays to us you reduce your risk and speed up project progression. We provide a flexible fee for service model and can also offer method sublicensing, tech transfer as well as consulting and risk shared collaborations.

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London December 1 

The theme 2016 is "Science, Technology and Business of 21st Century Biomedical Innovation". Program here

Latest Posts

October 2016:

Open House Quiz winner! 

On Wednesday September 28th, Pelago arranged an Open House for collaborators, customers, suppliers and company friends.

We are proud to present the winner of our Quiz walk: Anna Bogstedt. Congratulations Anna for your outstanding Pelago knowledge!

September 2016:

Pelago Newsletter 

Read about our new collaborations, publiations and other hot topics at Pelago, click on the image or here to open the full PDF.

September 2016:

Pelago coauthors with AstraZeneca and University of Sheffield

Pelago coauthors, together with Astra Zeneca and University of Sheffield, a study in Nature Chemical Biology where CETSA was instrumental in proving cellular target engagement of compounds targeting Fen-1.

Here is a link to Nature Chemical Biology and the article

September 2016:

Meet six of the most exciting Oncology Companies from the Life Science Hotlist

Meet six Hotlist companies at Nordic Life Science Days on September 15 at 9:45, Room 24-25. The track is hosted by Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. 

Companies include: 
Biovica, Gnosco, iCellate, Immuneed, Pelago Bioscience and Senzime

The companies will present a wide range of oncology innovations, including methods and products for; early detection, diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, evaluation of therapies, prediction of treatment response and faster development of better and more efficacious new drugs.


August 2016:

WuXi collaboration

Pelago Bioscience now contributes CETSA® measurements to the service portfolio of WuXi AppTec. Read the full press release here

May 2016:

CETSA® and Pelago explained in 8 minutes

April 2016:

New publication on CETSA® HT

Pelagos CSO Daniel Martinez Molina and Pär Nordlund co-authors the very first paper on CETSA® HT screening, identifying novel binders of Thymidylate Synthase. You will find the publication here.

March 2016:

CETSA rules!

The CETSA® method is becoming a standard technique, it is being used routinely to demonstrate target engagement of small molecule's for a specific target in the living cell. Read the review in GEN Exclusives update.

December 2015:

Min Stora Dag

This year we are very proud and happy to donate our christmas gift to Min Stora Dag/My Special Day - a foundation who give special kids great memories. Merry Christmas!

November 2015:

Astra Zeneca collaboration

Our new strategic collaboration with AstraZeneca will further accelerate the development of CETSA® applications relevant for drug discovery. pressreleasepelagoaz.pdf

November 2015:

SWELife/Vinnova Grant

We have together with Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset been awarded a SWELife/Vinnova grant to start exploring CETSA® as an In Vitro Diagnostic tool in the validation of predictive biomarkers. swelifegrantpressrelease.pdf

October 2015:

Pfizer sub-licensing agreement

Pfizer Inc. and Pelago annouce that we have entered in to a sub-licensing agreement on the use of the CETSA™ method. Read the full statement here: pressreleasepbpfizer.pdf

September 2015:

Pelago enters a collaboration with Biovica

Pelago and Biovica announce our collaboration to develop a novel platform to enable development of new oncology drugs. Read more from the pressrelease