We deliver CETSA® based services at all stages of Drug Discovery to identify, filter and profile hits, leads and candidate drugs.  Please contact us for project proposals and quotes here. Three different CETSA® formats are available to meet the specific demands in all stages of Drug Discovery and Development.

CETSA® adds value at all stages of drug discovery

Target engagement of a drug is pivotal to efficacy. In spite of this fact, target engagement (TE) is often only measured at very late stages of the drug discovery value chain. It is well established that insufficient TE lead unequivocally to insufficient efficacy. Likewise, more than half, 59% of all candidate drugs fail at the proof of concept stage in clinical trials.

The Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA®) gives a quantitative measure of target engagement. With no modifications of target or compounds, CETSA® delivers a true physiological relevant biophysical readout of affinity, adding real value to existing efficacy assays. We provide a measure for TE, which will help you make the right decisions faster and improve the quality in your discovery programmes.